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HMI LCD Touch Screens

HMI LCD Touch Screens

HMI Touch screens make it possible to have control of your sites at your fingertips.
Signalix distributes multifunctional HMI LCD touch screens from Weintek. Thanks to many outstanding features, high quality and attractive price/performance index, the HMI LCD touch screens from Weintek are powerful tools for industrial use. Samples from a long

list of features making systems using Weintek HMI touch screens exceptional customer friendly:

High-speed processors for enhancing response time (400MHz RISC & 500MHz CISC)
Direct drivers to all PLC brands with no run time,
Build in powerful and easy-to-use graphic configuration software enable stunning graphics
Support simultaneous I/O interfaces (2 USB, 2 RS232/422/485, 1 Ethernet) with multiple controllers and peripheral devices
Slot for SD memory card,
A wide choice of screen sizes
Bright, high-contrast 65K-color TFT displays offer superior clarity and wide viewing angles
Sensitive, accurate and reliable panels for precise touch response
Compact design for space-saving and rugged design for standing the harsh working environment

Besides function as a HMI LCD, the touch screen can play a role of a data exchange centre.
Weintek has batter solutions then……. read more

Please visit Weintek homepage for technical details: www.weintek.com and feel free to require commercial information and a pricelist: info@signalix.com

Employing HMI LCD from Weintek together with Signalix Telemetry Modules>>>> , make local- and remote control & monitoring extremely customer friendly and cost-effective.
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