Telemetry Modules

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The MT series telemetry modules are fully professional devices for wireless monitoring and control applications either in large or small systems. Powerful features and flexible configuration capabilities, integral inputs and outputs for real world signals and supported standard transmission protocols for industrial automation devices, make the MT modules an unparalleled solution for advanced telemetry and telematic systems. An additional advantage is dedicated configuration software (free of charge), which does not require high skills from the user and allows proper and quick configuration. The modules can be configured either locally or remotely using GPRS. Particularly important feature is the remote configuration capability which ensures the maintenance costs savings in case of widespread systems. Signalix offers telemetry solutions reflecting industrial demands for high quality and stability >>>> see communication platform>>>

MT-021 (SMS Module)
Module for remote monitoring, 
alarm and control applications

MT-tester (Tool for Professionals)
I/O Simulator for MT-101

MT-713 (IP 67 Battery Module)
3 AN, 5 BIN, Logger

MT-101 (GSM/GPRS Module)
2 AN (4-20mA), 16 BIN, PLC

MT-202 (GPRS Comm. Gateway)
Modbus, RS232/422/485, PLC

MT-723 (IP68 Battery Module)
For wet environments, 3 AN, 6 BIN, Logger

MT-100 (GSM/GPRS Module)
Economy ver. of MT-101

User Manuals and Software Tools

MT-102 (GSM/GPRS Module)
6 AN (4-20mA), 8 BIN, PLC

Xway (Location Tracking Solution)
Subscription free GPS location system

EX-101 (Expansion I/O Module)
2 AN (4-20mA), 16 BIN, P

MT-512 (Specialized Lift Module)
Data & Voice